We invest at the intersection of real assets, technology and sustainability backing the companies and founders creating the places of tomorrow.

A convergence of real assets, technology and sustainability.

We’ve created a place to evolve, a forum to innovate, a meeting point for visionary thinkers across real assets, technology and sustainability.

This place is GreenPoint.

Shifts in technology are driving the multi-trillion dollar global real assets industry – real estate, infrastructure, energy and agriculture – to digitize. At GreenPoint, we have brought together the disparate worlds of real assets and technology, allowing us to anticipate trends and invest in the digital and physical assets underpinning the places of tomorrow.

“Detroit 75 years ago was in essence Silicon Valley when the car was the hot technology of the day and 75 years ago Silicon Valley was just fruit orchards.”

Steve Case

Our investment focus

Integrated Technology Investing and Private Equity strategies deliver value for our investors and portfolio companies.

Technology investing

Our VC fund invests in high growth technology companies transforming the functionality, value and social/environmental impacts of real assets globally.

Our limited partners own and manage over half a trillion dollars of real assets, with an additional $125 billion development pipeline, and GreenPoint leverages the scale of this network as a force maximizer for our portfolio companies.

GreenPoint operates with the speed and acumen of a venture capital firm but with the value-add capabilities of a strategic investor.

Private equity

GreenPoint’s Private Equity strategy invests in real asset operating platforms and property opportunities.

Rapid changes in technology and associated human behavior are driving an evolution in the use and operation of real estate. Certain sectors will be beneficiaries of this change – new asset types will arise and technology enabled operating models will deliver superior user outcomes and returns for owners.

Our platform provides us a unique lens to view these trends and identify opportunities. We use these insights to invest in real estate and associated operating companies that will leverage the underlying trends and deliver outsized returns for our investors.

A focus on social and environmental outcomes

We integrate ESG factors to make us better investors, effective and responsible asset owners and a desired long-term partner. ESG risk and opportunity analysis is a critical part of GreenPoint’s policies and investment processes.

The potential for well-managed real assets to deliver positive environmental and social outcomes is a core focus to us as a firm. We look for investments in high quality assets and technologies that can profitably enable these outcomes.