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GreenPoint Announces the establishment of Wyuna Regenerative Agriculture, the Firm’s First Investment Through Its Climate Infrastructure Platform

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December 12, 2022

NEW YORK – October 12, 2022 - GreenPoint Partners (“GreenPoint” or the “firm”), an alternatives firm investing at the intersection of real assets, technology and sustainability, today announces the establishment of Wyuna Regenerative Agriculture (“Wyuna”), an Australian regenerative farming platform targeting an aggregation of 500,000 acres of Australian grazing assets.

GreenPoint has established Wyuna in conjunction with Wyuna’s co-founder and CEO Steve Green, to invest in agricultural properties in Australia and run direct nature-based carbon removal projects supported by sustainable grazing activities and seeking opportunities to improve biodiversity.  The Wyuna platform is seeking to expand its existing 100,000-acre portfolio to 500,000 acres and implement regenerative agriculture practices across the portfolio. These measures include “responsive” and sustainable grazing practices, technology deployment and improved land management practices, to encourage regeneration of the natural ecosystem. Further, Wyuna is driving additional biodiversity co-benefits via land management practices that promote wildlife and habitat conservation and the protection of native flora and fauna.

The regenerative outcomes of these practices are additive and measurable over time and unlock the ability for the projects to generate carbon credits. The portfolio is anticipated to support 10M+ tons of high-quality carbon credits over 25 years under Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator’s Australian Carbon Credit Unit(“ACCU”) regime.

Wyuna has closed its first managed investment vehicle working with Australia’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation (“CEFC”) and Goodman Group ("Goodman"). Furthermore, real estate owner/operators within GreenPoint’s network will be able to access the platform’s credits to offset operational carbon and embedded carbon, particularly for activities that are more difficult to decarbonise such as construction.

The investment vehicle is targeting $100 million+ of total equity, with anchor commitments from the CEFC and Goodman of $30 million each, alongside Wyuna and GreenPoint affiliates.   “The Wyuna platform is an important demonstration of GreenPoint’s focus on creating decarbonisation solutions via our underlying assets and the businesses in which we invest”, commented GreenPoint CEO Chris Green. “We are delighted to work with the CEFC to leverage their extensive relationships and experience to maximize sustainability outcomes across all aspects of our operations.” he added. GreenPoint anticipates further investments via its Climate Infrastructure Platform in assets that can support energy transition across buildings and transportation along with large scale carbon removal projects.

Wyuna co-founder and CEO Steve Green brings over two decades of leadership experience across roles in agriculture, sustainability, consulting, and government. Mr. Green commented, “Wyuna represents an incredible opportunity to support land regeneration, sustainable food production, and land-based solutions to remove carbon from the atmosphere by bringing together a dedicated team of farmers, investors and sustainability experts.”

CEFC CEO Ian Learmonth said: “As Australia’s ‘green bank’ the CEFC invests to catalyze private sector capital into clean energy and emissions reduction projects, fill market gaps and help develop new markets to drive decarbonization across the economy. We are pleased to be working with Wyuna, GreenPoint and Goodman Group in demonstrating the potential of negative emissions activities. The investment vehicle will show how primary producers can tap into the growing demand for carbon credits as investors and businesses pursue increasingly ambitious sustainability goals.”


About GreenPoint

GreenPoint is an alternatives investment firm that invests at the intersection of real assets, technology and sustainability. Founded in 2019 by Chris Green and headquartered in New York, the firm is deploying complementary strategies across technology investing and private equity to integrate the disparate worlds of real assets and technology. Green has 25 years of real assets experience, including 16 years at Macquarie Capital where he was the global head of real estate.

The firm’s activities are supported by a team of investors and operating partners who bring decades of experience in technology, real estate investing and operations at top firms. GreenPoint’s investors include strategic real asset operators, pension funds, family offices and industry senior executives who collectively own/manage over $500 billion in global real assets with an additional $125 billion development pipeline. By combining tech venture capital investing real estate private equity, and sustainability solutions, GreenPoint can deliver unique and transformative insights into a rapidly changing industry.

About Wyuna

Wyuna undertakes large-scale regeneration with a focus on carbon sequestration, sustainable food production and improved biodiversity. Wyuna’s approach combines the latest technology, on-the-ground know-how and a deep commitment to supporting regional communities, protecting Australia’s precious biodiversity and ecosystems and sustainable grazing systems.

About the CEFC

The CEFC is a specialist investor at the centre of efforts to help deliver on Australia’s ambitions for a thriving, low emissions future.  With a strong investment track record, the CEFC is committed to accelerating the transition to net zero emissions by 2050. In addressing some of Australia’s toughest emissions challenges, the CEFC works to fill market gaps, collaborating with investors, innovators and industry leaders to spur substantial new investment where it will have the greatest impact. The CEFC invests on behalf of the Australian Government, with a strong commitment to deliver a positive return for taxpayers across our portfolio.

About Goodman Group

Goodman Group is an integrated property group with operations throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Americas. Goodman Group, comprised of the stapled entities Goodman Limited, Goodman Industrial Trust and Goodman Logistics (HK) Limited, is the largest industrial property group listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and one of the largest listed specialist investment managers of industrial property and business space globally.

Goodman’s global property expertise, integrated own+develop+manage customer service offering and significant investment management platform helps create innovative property solutions that meet the individual requirements of its customers, while seeking to deliver long-term returns for investors.

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